projectile motion


background (prelab; 10 points)

given the height of a table, h; a ball's horizontal velocity, vo ; derive the equation describing the horizontal displacement of the ball, x 

what is a pausible nontrivial error and its effect on your results ? justify / elaborate / rationalize the basis of its effect.


based on a measurement of a ball's (horizontal) velocity leaving a table, predict the ball's horizontal displacement from the table

relate the ball's horizontal velocity leaving a table and its horizontal displacement from the table

compare the results involving the ping pong ball versus rubber ball


ping pong ball; rubber ball; table; ruler; ramp

photogate probe

Lab Quest computer / probe interface

computer with Logger Pro software



organize among your yourselves, such that, no group uses the same ramp height, but use for the same height for the ball to drop.  there will be 5 groups:  ramp height ~ 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 cm; record height of ramp & vertical distance for ball to drop..

@ Logger Pro:  File  -->  Open  -->  Physics with Vernier  -->  08 Projectile Motion 


setup photogates, where the ball triggers photogate 1 before photogate 2

measure for the distance between the photogates, then adjust parameter in the analysis program accordingly

conduct multiple runs to confirm that you got consistent results; your experimental data will be used in a future lab, where you'll relate the ramp's height to the other experimental data, so keep your data, including associated Logger Pro files


content of lab report  [30 points]

results  [20 points]

  height of ramp horizontal velocity ball's horizontal displacement off the table
ping pong ball      
rubber ball      

discussion  [10 points]