Feyman's lectures on physics

ch. 1. dimensional analysis

uncertainty (i.e mean SD, normal pdf, histogram, propagation of errors); Excel files: *.teacher; *.student

ch. 3. vector addition

vector addition - phet (flash); cdf

Wolfram demonstrations: components in 2-D vector

wolfram demonstration: unit circle & sin or cos; or both; or both + tan

ch. 14. waves & sound

animation of transverse wave on a string / standing wave - phet

longitudial wave animation

wolfram demonstration: tuning fork - cdf

loudspeaker animation with audio; adjustable frequency / amplitude - phet (enable java)

hearing - animation

sound wave amplitude ~ 30 Pa

interference / beats: add 2 sine waves - cdf

ripple tank wave simulation

wave interference: diffraction - cdf

wolfram demonstration: beats simulating 2 tuning forks - cdf

FFT: wolfram demonstrations: vary number of terms / value of coefficients to describe various signals; frequency spectrum of signal with noise. pluck guitar string (image)

wind instruments - waves

Doppler effect: animation (read directions (in help) !); animation + sound

ch. 2. linear / one-dimensional motion

graphs: position vs. time; velocity vs. time; acceleration vs time

excel files: *.teacher ; *.student

cfd version

additional examples - cdf

moving man - phet (java)

ch. 4. planar / 2-dimensional motion

youtube video: dropping a book in a moving car; vertical & parabolic falling ball

potential application - bombsight training video

mathematica: rigorous treatment for projectile motion

Excel simulation: bomber & rifle; CW; me

frames of reference video  

ch. 5 - 6. dynamics - force & circular motion

cdf: object on incline with free body diagram

solving system of equations - "hand"; calculator

phet: friction animation; force / friction / velocity animation

pulley / tension / weight simulations:

site 1 (force / tension as a function of # pulleys)

site 2 (as above + distance moved)

site 3 (as above + calculate work)

site 4 (atwood machine, friction, incline )

circular motion

phet (uses java): velocity & acceleration vectors

cdf: centripecal acceleration in the limit . .

text - airplane turning

car on banked surface - animation & free body diagram (cdf)

conic pendulum - cdf

satellite launch & planet / satellite orbit shape (uses calculus)

cdf: satellite (*.nb) orbit parameters effects: @ launch & @ initial orbit

planet orbit animation / simulation: vector feature; 3D feature; zoom feature

spring semester

ch. 7. work & KE