Ch. 10 gas & ch. 4 net ionic equation test [55 points] AP Chemistry

For problems involving calculation, show your work in an organized manner, which includes any relevant equation / formula, proper units in your work / answer, and the proper number of significant figures in your answer.

1. Write the net ionic equation containing the following reactants. All reaction occur and the solvent is water. Need not balance the chemical equations nor state its phase. [12 points]

a. mix solutions of tin (II) chloride and iron (III) chloride

b. add aluminum to an acidic solution of potassium permanganate

c. mix solutions of sodium sulfide and cobalt nitrate

d. magnesium metal in an atmosphere of chlorine gas

2. The combustion of 3.0 grams of ethane with 96.0 grams of oxygen reacts to form carbon dioxide gas and water vapor. [25 points]

a. Write the balanced chemical equation describing the above reaction.

b. Identify the excess reactant and the number of moles of the excess reactant at the end of the reaction.

c. Determine the number of moles of carbon dioxide and water vapor at the end of the reaction.

d. What is the mole fraction of carbon dioxide at the end of the reaction.


3. A 2.0 L container of gas at 35 °C has a pressure of 800. mm Hg. The pressure increases to 250. kPa, while the temperature decreases to – 15 °C. There is no change in the number of moles of gas. What is the new volume of the container ? [10 points]


4. Hydrogen gas effuses 6.557 times faster than a hydrocarbon (its empirical formula is C3H7). What is the chemical formula of the hydrocarbon ? [8 points]