Ch. 8 & 9. chemical bonds. [60 points] AP Chemistry


1. Draw all Lewis structures of N2O (nitrogen is the central atom). Pick the best Lewis structure – justify your choice. [15 points]


2. Is methanol (or methyl alcohol), a polar or nonpolar compound ? Justify your answer. [10 points]


3. ClF 3 [35 points]

a. sketch the molecule [10 points]

b. what is / are the bond angles in the molecule ? label the angle(s) in the above drawing. [5 points]

c. what is the name of the shape of the molecule ? [5 points]

d. use valence bond theory to describe the bonds in the molecule; account for all features on the central atom. If hybrid orbitals are involved, then describe its formation from the atomic orbitals. [15 points]