Determine the [Cl-] in sea water AP Chemistry

background [prelab assignment (20 points) due at the beginning of the lab]

This laboratory activity is based on investigation 3 in your AP chemistry lab manual; thus, it provides some relevant background for the following prelab questions and this laboratory activity.  While investigation 3 measures the content of calcium ions in water, you will measure the content of halides in sea water.

based on reading the explanation to strenghten student understanding section in investigation 3 in the AP chemistry lab manual, describe gravimetric analysis

what is the expected [Cl-] in seawater ?  [include citation]

based on the expected [Cl-] in seawater, determine the mass AgNO3 to precipitate all of the chloride in 10 mL seawater

sketch a data table for your experimental measurements (i.e. review the purpose & content of your lab report)



to determine the [Cl-] of sea water

to compare the [Cl-] from Ocean Beach versus Aquatic Park

materials & methods

sample of sea water

similar to prior lab (synthesis of AgCl)

data analysis

student design


Content of lab report (20 points)

data analysis (10 points)

data table of your experimental data

calculation of [Cl-] in sea water


discussion  [10 points]

hypothesis:  what is the relative [Cl -] of sea water from Ocean Beach versus Aquatic Park; rationalize [hint:  geography]

conclusion:  use / refer to statistical analysis to support or refute your hypothesis



lab activity source (examples):  site 1  [access 4 / 2009]