This virtual laboratory activity is based on the handout of the in-person lab about the solubility rules of ionic compounds. [35 point ]



1. view the video. what are your observations of the effect of adding various anions to Ag + ? identify these anions. [5 points]

2. describe the chemical concept(s) illustrated in the animation (requires flash plugin; screencast recording (mp4; 21.2 MB; 7:54)). [5 points]

3. draw / sketch a flowchart (ex1) or dichotomous key (ex1) to identify each of the unknown ionic compounds in the below table based on solubility rules and / or the solution's color (hint: all of the below copper II compounds are blue, while the other solutions are colorless) using the chemicals in the table for question 4.  As  there is more than one valid answer, you just have to show one of them. [15 points]

BaCl2 CuCl2 Na2CO3
Ba(OH)2 Cu(NO3)2 NaI
  CuSO4 NaOH

4.  fill-in your (expected) observations upon adding any of the chemicals in the below table:  ppt = forms a ppt; empty = no ppt. [10 points]

sodium hydroxide
sodium phosphate
sodium carbonate

sodium   iodide

sodium sulfate
silver nitrate
lead II nitrate
cobalt nitrate
copper II nitrate
barium nitrate
iron II nitrate
magnesium nitrate