(tentative) schedule of ap chemistry virtual labs   {refers to investigation # in the AP chem lab manual}

Fall semester labs

lab title lab handout
1. Beer's law {1 & 2} virtual   traditional
2. Chromatography {5}   virtual traditional
3. Determine relative amount of NaHCO3 versus Na2CO3 in a sample {7} virtual   traditional
4. Gravimetric analysis & Empirical formula virtual   traditional
5. Reaction stochiometry   virtual traditonal
6. Determine relative amount of aspirin, acetaminophen, & glucose in a sample {9} virtual   traditonal
7. Cation analysis   virtual traditional
8. Acid / base titration {4} virtual traditional
9. calorimetry: Enthlapy of reaction, Hess' law , & calorimeter's heat capacity {12}   virtual traditional
10. Molar mass of a gas virtual traditional

Spring semester labs

11. determine rate law {11} virtual traditional
12. kinetics & equilibrium    virtual  
13. determine Ka & Kb of a simulated weak acid & base [after ch. 16 equilibrium]   virtual traditional
14. electrolytic cell [after ch. 20 electrochemistry]   virtual traditional


Keep your laboratory notebook, since colleges may wish to review your laboratory notebook prior to giving you college credit for Chemistry.

due to covid-19 situation, lab reports to be submitted as a single pdf file using google classroom; otherwise, your score is zero.

lab report format

use Word (or google doc) and as appropriate use Excel (or google sheets), where you insert the spreadsheet content into your Word (or google doc) file

work in pair (or 3 students with prior teacher approval, since there might be an odd number of students in the class; attach a note stating that your group can have 3 students and you got prior teacher approval onto your lab report)

use the "print to pdf" option in Windows OS, or the "save as pdf" option in iOS to generate a pdf file.

laboratory resources