()Virtual lab: rate law of the fading of crystal violet by hydroxide [45 points; variable points / question in purple]


This virtual laboratory activity is based on investigations 11 in your AP chemistry lab manual and handout to the in-person lab. The purpose of this virtual lab activity is to simulate the in-person laboratory activity and to determine the rate law for the reaction

C25H30N3+  +  OH-  -->  C25H30N3OH

where the rate law is

rate = k [Cv+] α [OH-] β  

that is, what is the values of k, α, and β ?

Based on a video of the experimental protocol and subsequent data analysis, address the following questions:

1. what is the psuedo-order rate law and its basis / rationale ? [5 points]

2. describe the data analysis to find the value of the psudeo rate law constant, the rate constant, and the exponents in the rate law ? [15 points]

3. Using your response to the earlier questions, analyze the simulated data in the Excel file (pdf of content if unable to access Excel file)

to determine the rate law of the reaction. the Exel data does not necessarily reflect the actual rate law. note that there are two tabs in the Exel file - one for the simulated calibration curve and the other for the simulated absorbance as a function of time. show your work in an organized manner. include a screen shot of the simulated data from the Excel simulation; need not show all of the simulated absorbance versus time data - just the first 10 or so rows of data is sufficient. [25 points]