links for redesigned ap chem course; begins with 2013 - 2014 academic year

website with short videos describing ap chem course content

excerpts from College Board AP chemistry course / exam description (172 pages; 2.4 MB)

course content (pp. 10 - 88; requires cdf player plugin)

ap chem lab related LO (pp. 110 - 111)

ap chem exam format (pp. 114 - 116)

ap exam sheet (pp. 160 - 161)

exclusions & "new" concepts

ap chem exam practice / information

MC numerical estimation hints; youtube video; worksheets; mental math practice: Math Trainer (do: add, subtract, & multiply); Krypto (follow link to primary Krypto or download excel file)

practice MC organized by topics; e.g. Dingle ; learnerator ; varsity tutors (while seems to be "old" format, should still be valuable)

develop conceptual / particulate understanding of chem: link 1; link 2; acid / base: matching ; writing

concept test

National US chemistry Olympiad exams - MC, FR, & lab

online chemistry courses, e.g. MIT OCW; edX, CM, coursera

Khan Academy

ap chem exam cut-off scores

clarify FR question regarding "explain" versus "justify": CollegeBoard; & teachers response

quantitative stuff

ap chem lab manual errors (not comprehensive; official error list)


"new" chemistry topics

mass spectrometer



description: short or long

relate mass and amount of deflection (docx)


simulation: isotope

organic cpd fragmentation

potential homework problem

MIT lecture video (view ~ first 30 minutes; ~ 6 minute youtube excerpt; ~ 4 minute youtube video)

youtube (~ 6 minutes)

simplified simulated spectrum: flash (alt) or excel (note use ascending / discending logarithmic horizontal scale)

UK site (read section 2.2)

College Board workshop

potential homework problem

molecular orbital theory = background for band theory

UC Davis

youtube (~ 10 minutes; also, electron sea model; animation: site 1, site 2, site 3)

band theory = basis of property of conductor, semiconductor, & insulator

MIT lecture video (view ~ first 30 minutes)

youtube (~ 10 minutes)

Georgia St Univ

doped semiconductor property based on band theory

MIT lecture video on n-type semiconductor (view ~ last 30 minutes)

MIT lecture video on p-type semicondutor (view ~ first 10 minutes)

youtube (~ 9 minutes)

p-n junction

Georgia St Univ

Univ New South Wales; Australia

animation: site 1; site 2

diode simulation (java)

lattice energy (*.docx)

properties of metals

metal strength