to avoid plagarism in your prelab and lab report, use appropriate citation, where need both in-text citation & bibliography !

additional information: e.g. 

in-text citation

when to cite

common knowledge exception: in general, e.g. citation not needed when it's content in your class notes.

common core English standard; grades: 9/10; 11/ 12


in-text citation type bibliography topic
  title of articles alphabetical sequence URL  
sequential numbers in parenthesis no no yes limit 1 or approximation 2
nonsequential numbers in parenthesis yes yes NA tyrosine kinase
sequential superscript numbers yes no yes mathematica
author yes yes NA prostaglandin
sequential superscript numbers no no NA Na2CO3

1 Ring, Jonathan. Galileo math department

2 Tong, Gary; Galileo math department

requires get adobe reader ; password = 94109G