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ch. 14 Periodic table  +  15 bonds                                                                    Chemistry


1.  Describe the trends of atomic size in the Periodic Table in a row and column.  [20 points]



2.  Write the electron configuration of the following atom.  [20 points]


a.  tin [may not use "short-cut")



b.  radium  [may use "short-cut"]



3.  Which of the following compounds has the largest ? smallest ? boiling point.  Rationalize your response.  [20 points]

a.  CH3OH             b.  CH3CH3                       c.  CH3Cl


4.  Sketch the 3-dimmensional structure of the following compounds, the bond angles, and name of the shape of the compound.  [30 points]


a.  SF4


b.  BrF5



c.  NO2



5.  Pick one of the chemical in # 4 and determine if it is a polar or nonpolar compound.  Justify your answer.  [10 points]