Ch. 12 + 14 bond + IMF Chemistry test [65 points] date: ________


1. Draw the Lewis structure(s) of the following compounds: [15 points]

a. SO3

b. NH3

c. IF5


2. fill-in the below table. [10 points]


# bonding pair of electrons

# nonbonding pair of electrons

Shape of molecule

Bond angle(s)









3. Sketch the shape of the molecules. What is the name of the shape of the molecules ? What are the bond angles in the molecules ? [hint: see # 1, above; 15 points]

a. SO3

b. NH3

c. IF5

4. At room temperature, water is a liquid while carbon dioxide is a gas. Rationalize this observation using concepts involving intermolecular forces. [10 points]


5. Which of the following chemicals:

NH3, CH4, CI4

has the highest vapor pressure ? lowest vapor pressure ? Justify your answer. [15 points]