Ch. 12 & 14 Lewis structure, VSEPR, IMF test [60 points] Chemistry

1. fill-in the below table [18 points]

Sketch molecule

Name of molecule’s shape

Bond angle(s)

# bonding pair of electrons on the central atom

# nonbonding pair of electrons on the central atom







Trigonal pyramidal




2. Draw all valid Lewis structures of ___. [10 points]

a. NO3 -

b. SiO2


3. Use Lewis symbols to show the bonds in a compound containing aluminum and oxygen. Identify the type of bond in the compound. [hint: chemical formula is NOT AlO; 10 points]


4. Which chemical, H2S or CH4, has the larger boiling point ? Justify your answer. [10 points]


5. Is the following compounds polar or nonpolar ? Justify your answer. [hint: sketch the shape of the molecule; 12 points]

a. IF3

b. BF3