Ch. 11 & 12 atomic structure & bonds test [50 points] Chemistry


1. Draw the orbital diagram of ___. [10 points]

a. bismuth:

b. sulfur:


2. In regards to PH3, [10 points]

a. sketch its Lewis structure

b. sketch its molecule’s shape

c. bond angle(s)

d. name of molecule’s shape

e. polar versus nonpolar compound; justify your answer.


3. ___ has the larger atomic size. Justify your answer. [10 points]

a. Mg versus Ca

b. Mg versus P


4. fill-in the below table. [11 points]

# bonding pair of electrons

# nonbonding pair of electrons

Name of molecule’s shape

Bond angle(s)

Sketch molecule



T - shape






109 °








5. Use valence bond theory to describe the bond in hydrogen fluoride, HF. [9 points]