Ch. 14 & 7  IMF & chemical equations     test      95 points                                  chemistry

1.  Describe the basis of London IMF in nonpolar compounds; include temporary dipole & induced dipole in your response.  [10 points]

2.  Sketch / label the vapor pressure versus temperature graph for CH4 and CH3CH3.  Justify / rationalize the relative vapor pressure between these two compounds.  [15 points]

3. In regards to carbon dioxide and water,  [20 points]

a.  Identify the type(s) of IMF in each compound; justify / rationalize your observations

b.  what is the relative vapor pressure of these compounds ?  rationalize / justify your response

4.  Write the unbalanced chemical equation describing the following chemical reactions; include information on the state / phase of the chemical, e.g solid, etc. [20 points]

a.  Mixing aqueous solutions of calcium chloride and potassium phosphate forms an aqueous solution of potassium chloride and a precipitate of calcium phosphate.

b.  The combustion of liquid propane and oxygen generates carbon dioxide and water.

5. Balance the following chemical equations using the lowest ratio of integers; if a coefficient is one, then write “1”.   [30 points]

a.  ___  CH3CH2CH3  +   ___ O2   →   ___  CO2  +   ____  H2O

b.  ___  MgCl2  +  ___  Li3PO4   →  ___  Mg3(PO4)2  +  ___  LiCl

c.  ___ lanthium bromide  +  ___ hydrogen sulfate  →  ___ lanthium sulfate   +   ___ hydrogen bromide