Ch. 11 & 12  electron configuration & chemical bonds                               60 points (5 ec)                                    chemistry

1. Sketch the Lewis structure(s) of  ___.  [10 points]


b. CH2F2

2.  Sketch the molecular shape of __; include the name of the shape of the molecule and its bond angle(s). [10 points]

a. ClF3  (chlorine trifluoride)

b. PH3

3. Using valence bond theory, describe the chemical bonds in __.  [15 points]

a. Chlorine  gas

b. Hydrogen bromide

4. What is the basis of a covalent bond ?

5. Sketch the atomic orbitals for  ___; include the appropriate axis, if needed, to visualize the atomic orbital’s orientation.  [10 points]

a. dxz

b.  Pz

6.  Write the electron configuration for __; identify the core- and valence- electrons.  [10 points]

a. Phosphorus

b.  lead

7.  What atom has the larger ionization energy; justify / rationalize your answer,  [10 points]

a. Sodium versus potassium

b.  Potassium versus calcium