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Ch. 14 IMF                           test                                          70 points                                                               chemistry

1. Rationalize why the boiling point of carbon monoxide is higher than for nitrogen using concepts involving IMF and identify / justify the type of IMF in each molecule.  [15 points; based on HW problem 9]

2. Sketch, label and refer / use a vapor pressure versus temperature graph to _____  [20 points; based on HW problem 38b].

a. define and rationalize the boiling point of a liquid

b. rationalize the relative amount of time to cook an egg by boiling it at sea level and at a high elevation

3. Identify and justify / rationalize the type(s) of IMF in _____  and select the chemical with the highest boiling point, then justify / rationalize your response.  [20 points; based on HW problem 13]

a. C6H14 and C8H18

 b. CH3OH (there's a C - O bond) and CH3SH  (there's a C - S bond) [the two pairs on nonbonding electrons on oxygen and sulfur is not shown in the below images]


4.  Describe the basis of London IMF in a nonpolar compound using the terms, temporary dipole and induced dipole, and what is the basis of forming the preceding types of dipoles.  [15 points; based on IMF CW assignment]