ch. 11  AO, electron configuration, orbital diagram, & periodic trends                     test          `40 points                              chemistry


1. Using the “short-cut” notation, write the electron configuration for  ___.  [10 points]

a. Arsenic

b. Calcium

2. Sketch the orbital diagram, using the “short-cut” notation, for  ___.  [10 points]

a. silicon

b. Selenium

3. Sketch the ___ atomic orbital and include the x-, y-, and / or z- axis, as needed, to illustrate the orientation of the atomic orbital with these axis.  [10 points]

a. px

b. dxy

4. Which atom, silicon versus phosphorus, has the larger atomic size ?  basis / rationale ?  [5 points]

5. Which atom, strontium versus calcium, has the larger (first) ionization energy ?  basis / rationale ?  [5 points]