ch. 12 & 14  chemical bonds & IMF                               test                          70 points                               chemistry

1. Sketch the Lewis structure(s) for ___.  [15 points]

a. CH3Cl

b. BrF3

c. Nitrate ion

2. What is the relative bond angle for water, methane (CH4), and ammonia (NH3) ?  rationalize your answer.  [10 points]

3. Identify the type(s) of IMF in ___;  justify / rationalize / basis of your answer.  [15 points]

a. CF4

b. CH3F

c. Carbon  dioxide

4.  What is the difference between a covalent versus ionic bond ?  mention “electronegativity” and “valence electrons” in your response.  [10 points]

5. In regards to methane (CH4) versus ethane (C2H6)  [20 points]

a. Identify the type(s) of IMF in both compounds; basis ?

b. What is the relative strength of their IMF ?  basis ?

c. Sketch the vapor pressure versus temperature graph with two curves corresponding to methane and ethane and label these curves and the axis of the graph.

d. Basis of your answer in part c; mention either relative boiling point or vapor pressure.