syllabus assignment  lab  old exams 


HW in ap chem textbook, honors chem textbook, chem  textbook, ngss textbook, or questions

(tentative - subject to change)

date description due
Mon, Aug 30  ch. 1 quiz  

 Fri, Aug 27


 collect CW, HW, & msds assignment 

review HW

 block density lab  Fri, Sept 3
 Tue, Aug 24    group work  
Mon, Aug 23    group work

 Fri, Aug 20



collect lab safety form & survey / signature form  

CW: questions: ch. 1 density 

HW: chem; ch. 5; # 56abd, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62


Fri, Aug 27 


 block pending  
 Tue, Aug 17  pending  

 Mon, Aug 16







attendance & seating chart  

distribute: course syllabus, lab NB rubric, lab safety info, periodic table,  survey, signature form  

brief review of course website / syllabus

HW:  sign & turn-in the last page of the lab safety info form (otherwise, your lab assignment scores = 0) & survey / signature form   

lab assignment:  msds 

spring content



Fri, Aug 20 

Fri, Aug 27 

homework problems refer to the problems at the end of the chapter in the textbook.