Average atomic mass simulation Chemistry

background [prelab assignment (10 points) due at the beginning of lab]

this lab is a simulation, where different type of beans represents different isotopes.  What is a simulation ?

sketch a data table (i.e. not calculations) for your experimental measurements (i.e. see the purpose & list of materials, design an appropriate experiment, then sketch a data table)


compare the calculation of the average bean mass using different methods:

  1. mass of entire sample ÷ # beans in sample
  2. Σ  ( mass of beani * % beani in sample )
fulfill various aspects of the NGSS science & engineering standards.


mixture / sample of different beans; balance

methods / data analysis

student design


Content of lab report [25 points]

data analysis (10 points)

data table containing your experimental data

calculation of the average bean mass in the sample using both methods (see purpose)

discussion (15 points)

hypothesis:  would both methods (see purpose) provide the same result ?  basis / rationale ?

conclusion:  support or refute your hypothesis based on your data.

describe / list two (ex1; ex2) NGSS science & engineering practices that correlates to an aspect of this laboratory activity; provide an example in the lab & this lab report that meets these practices