Density Chemistry

background [prelab assignment (10 points) due at the beginning of lab]

using the below items, design an experiment to determine the density of different solids and liquids


determine the density of objects of similar volume, but different mass

determine the density of object of similar mass, but different volume

determine the density of different coins & liquids


various objects (either a cube or cylinder): some objects won't fit into the graduated cylinder

new & old pennies (1982 "divides" old & new pennies), dimes

water; isopropyl alcohol

graduated cylinder / pipet; balance; ruler

methods / data analysis

student design


Content of the lab report (35 points)

data analysis  [20 points]

data table

calculation of density of the various objects; show example calculation & identify item

statistics; compare density of __; table of density of various items



disccussion [15 points]

justify your response by referring to your data analysis.