Determine the Δ H of a reaction Chemistry

background [prelab assignment (35 points) due at the beginning of lab; put a copy in your lab NB]

1. calculate ΔH to dissolve solid NaOH in water (answer in kJ / mol) - theoretical value

2. based on the preceding calculation and ΔHfusion for water, calculate the amount of

a. ice

b. NaOH

to put into 100. mL of water to change the temperature by 10 °C [10 points].

3. what is the type of statistical test to be used to analysize such data ? review below links in use of stats software

4. describe the experimental design to examine the effect of

the amount of chemical


the nature of the calorimeter

on the accuracy in the experimental determination of the ΔH dissolve NaOH(s) in water and melting ice.

5. sketch a data table for this lab containing entries for all required experimental measurements to determine ΔH to __ [10 points]

6. msds information on sodium hydroxide


determine experimentally ΔH to:

examine the effect of two experimental conditions on the accuracy of the determination of ΔH, then share class data among different groups.

fulfill various aspects of the NGSS science & engineering standards.


solid NaOH; ice; liquid water

coffee cup (calorimeter); thermometer; balance; gradulated cylinder, beaker

methods / analysis

student design - select 2 - 3 factors

anticipate about 1 - 2 weeks to complete the lab, which includes experimental design and data analysis.


Content of lab report (45 points)

data analysis (15 points)

data table of your group's experimental data

based on preceding data table, experimentally determine ΔH to __ ; show an example calculation

dissolve NaOH  (in kJ / mole)

melt ice (in kJ / mole)

statistics [10 points; includes data entry / description, statistics test output, & type of statistics test]

disscussion [15 points]

calculate / tabulate theoretical value of ΔH to ___

dissolve NaOH  (in kJ / mole)

melt ice (in kJ / mole)

error analysis; compare experimental versus theoretical values of ΔH of the preceding two reactions

reflection [15 poins]

describe / list three (std 1; std 2; std 3) NGSS science & engineering practices that correlates to an aspect of this laboratory activity; provide an example in the lab & this lab report that meets these practices



example lab: ΔH to dissolve NaOH

writing mathematics

statistics: Vassar; Excel; minitab; mathematica