Qualitative analysis of ionic compounds


prelab assignment  [20 points]

1.  copy the below table.  if a precipitate forms by mixing the salts in the corresponding column and row, then place a "ppt" in the below table.

sodium hydroxide
sodium phosphate
sodium carbonate

sodium   iodide

sodium sulfate
silver nitrate
lead II nitrate
cobalt nitrate
copper II nitrate
barium nitrate
iron II nitrate
magnesium nitrate

2.  msds information on sodium hydroxide and silver nitrate (use msds form)



 to observe various precipitation reactions

compare experimental observations to predictions based upon solubility rules

evaluate the reliability of the solubility rules


aqueous solutions of various ionic compounds

microplate wells  [to view reaction]


mix 3 drops of various combination of chemicals (i.e. nitrate salts & sodium salts)

if a precipitate does not form within a second or so upon adding the 2nd solution, consider it to be not forming a precipitate. 


content of your lab report  [25 points]

results & discussion  [10 points]

questions  [15 points]


lab activity source (examples):  site 1  & site 2 [access 4 / 2009]