acid / base titration Chemistry

background [prelab assignment (10 points) due at the beginning of the period]

define "equivalence point" 

define "end point"

view the video on the effect of acid on protein, e.g. your eyes


determine the concentration of HCl in a sample


50 mL buret; ring stand with buret holder

beaker, bromothymol blue

solid NaOH, water, balance, graduated cylinder

aqueous solution of HCl & NaOH (unknown concentration)


methods / data analysis [delegate lab work]

student design; student prepare a 0.5 M NaOH solution to be used to titrate the HCl solution


Content of lab report [10 points; no lab report revision]

determine [HCl], include calculations to prepare your NaOH solution



lab activity source (examples):  site 1  & site 2 [access 4 / 2009]