Volume of liquid on a Penny Chemistry

background [prelab assignment (5 points) due at the beginning of lab]

design / describe an experiment to determine the maximum volume of a liquid (in mL) on a penny based on the below materials


determine and compare the maximum volume (in mL) of water versus isopropyl alcohol on the heads-side of a penny - using a conversion factor relating # mL & # drops of liquid.


penny;  graduated cylinder

dropper bottle with water or isopropyl alcohol

methods, data, & analysis

student design


Content of lab report (20 points)

data analysis

data table

calculations to determine volume (in mL) of liquid on a penny 


conclusion: is there a difference between the maximum volume of water versus alcohol on a penny ? basis ?

discussion: basis of conclusion based on chemical principles; e.g. IMF



lab activity source (examples):  site 1  & site 2 [access 4 / 2009]