Generic lab report format (in the absence of a specific lab handout) - for ngss chem textbook lab activities

link to goals of lab activity


content of generic lab report

purpose (or goal(s)) of the lab activity

concise description is sufficient; e.g. may use the format of question(s)


concise description (or outline or flowchart) is sufficient


experimental data

calculation / analysis of experimental data


conclusion(s): address the purpose of the lab by referring to your experimental results


lab report rubric [11 points]

    # points = 1 2 3
purpose not done done  
methods not done missing content no missing content
results not done data or analysis data and analysis
discussion not done address some content in the purpose address all content in the purpose


course grade cut-off

A = 85 - 100%

B = 70 - 84%

C = 40 - 69%

D = 20 - 39%

F < 20 %

so if you (or your group) do not turn in a lab report, then your score = 0, but if turn-in an "empty" lab report, minimum score = 4 points → 4/11 ~ 36% = D+