phet simulation presentation: relating Bohr model of an atom to its emission spectrum. slightly different / simplier phet simulation - for teacher illustration.

CW assignment: your group will use the preceding simulation to illustrate chemistry concepts and use

Window's snipping tool and MS Word (or Google docs)


MS PowerPoint (or Google slides) and optional use of it's voice clip /narration feature


screen cast recording software; e.g. link


your smart phone to make a video

to describe your lesson, which includes screen shots of how to use the simulation and its output to illustrate chemistry principles illustrated in the simulation.

due date: within 24 hours after your group's class presentation. as a file attachment, send the file to my school email address; include the names of your group members; your work may be shared among other chemistry teachers in the school district and shall be the basis of the score on this assignment.

group 1: Connie L; Jiarong L; Raymond H; Mitchell M; Christina

select: one atom tab; pick: hydrogen; select all options; use single electron production mode

goals: (i) correlate electron energy level transitions to atom's spectrum / rationalize hydrogen's spectrum, and (ii) vary battery voltage

group 2: Trevon D; Queenie T; Irlanda P; Myra M

select: one atom tab; pick Hg or Na

goals: (i) compare hydrogen's spectrum to Hg (or Na)'s spectrum and rationalize the similarities / differences, and (ii) compare single versus continuous electron production mode on spectrum

groups 3: Jiarong J; Coco L; Lauryn G; Lydia W

select: one atom tab; pick Ne

goals: (i) compare and rationalize Ne's spectrum to preceding spectrum, (ii) impact of battery voltage on spectrum and rationale, and (iii) impact of moving the atom on spectrum

group 4: Robin M; Kristine L; Jayden Z; Yoseph A

select: one atom tab; pick a configurable atom; compare 2 versus 3 electronic energy levels; vary battery's voltage & electron energy levels and examine its impact on the subsequent spectrum. might wish to run 2 separate simulations for ease of comparison.

goal: reiterate preceding group's presentation using these simulation tools to reinforce chemistry concepts.

groups 5: Xiaohui C; Joseph T; Aaron B; Yorvit P

select: multiple atoms tab; pick hydrogen.

goal: reiterate: compare and rationalize to prior single hydrogen atom simulation

group 6: Kevin H; Adrian H; Gabriela V

select: multiple atoms tab; pick Hg (or Na)

goal: reiterate: compare and rationalize to prior single Hg (or Na) atom simulation

group 7: Ethan C; Darby M; Curtis M

select: multiple atoms tab; pick a configurable atom

goal: reiterate: compare and rationalize to prior configurable atom simulation