background [prelab assignment (10 points) due at the beginning of lab] 

 using the below items, design / describe an experiment to determine the density of different solids and liquids.  

sketch a data table and describe the data analysis.  

review lab report content prior to the lab to organize group roles; don't include response in your prelab assignment.  


observe various videos and record your obsevations

answer select questions in the ngss chem textbook

 determine the density of different coins & liquids 


 various objects (either a cube or cylinder); the cylinder, but not the cubes will fit into the graduated cylinder 

 new & old pennies (1982 "divides" old & new pennies), dimes 

 water; isopropyl alcohol 

 graduated cylinder / pipet; balance; ruler 

 methods / data analysis 

 student design 


SFUSD NGSS Chemistry textbook ch. 1 Density

Engage:   Toying  with matter  [4 points]

Part A  Wave Toy ;  Process & Procedure = collect appropriate experimental data / observations.

Part B  Candles in liquid; (also, floating egg or floating carrot (@ ~ 3:30) or floating clay boat + some measurments, which illustrates the same principle) Process & Procedure = collect appropriate experimental data / observations.  What is a basis of the preceding observations; hint: simulation

Reflect & Connect: # 2 

Explain:  Sink or Float  [10 points]

 Part A:  Determining the density of a liquid;  Process & Procedure = collect appropriate experimental data;  Stop & Think:  # 1 - 5

Part B:  Determining the density of a solid;  Process & Procedure - replace candles with various coins ; collect appropriate experimental data 

Reflect & Connect:  #1, 5, 6

Explain:  Mind over matter   [5 points]

 Process & Procedure (it's to develop you reading comprehension skills); # 3, 4, 5

Reflect & Connect: #  1, 2


lab report  [19 + 6 = 25 points]

 address the above purple items; include prompt (otherwise, lost of points); e.g. select / copy / paste item's prompt using e.g. snipping tool.   include relevant experimental data / observations.

develop a lab protocol handout using images / text (or a flowchart) rather than solely using text to describe the lab activity procedure to determine the density of a coin and liquid.



 Excel - linear regression analysis