link to Chemistry gateway, which contain links to videos about various chemistry concepts - you'll have to find the relevant specific link(s) to do this assignment.

on a sheet of paper, (i) answer the below questions based on your textbook and the above video link, (ii) include textbook page number(s) and url of the website (or sequence of links starting from the above link), where you found the answer, and (iii) include the names of all group members and identify the recorder.

topic(s): application of IMF: vapor pressure, boiling point & chromatography

questions [16 points; 2 points / question]

1. what is evaporation ? what is vapor pressure ? relate evaporation and vapor pressure.

2. describe the process of evaporation, where you refer to IMF in your response.

3. what is the effect of temperature on evaporation ? on vapor pressure ? graphically express the relationship between the vapor pressure as a function of temperature

4. what does the term, boiling point, mean ? how is boiling different from evaportation ?

5. define the boiling point referring to the graph in question # 3

6. sketch the graph in question # 3 for CH4 and C2H6. justify / rationalize your answer.

7. based on the preceding graph (in question 6), which compound, CH4 or C2H6, has a larger vapor pressure ? lower vapor pressure ? larger boiling point ? lower boiling point ? justify / rationalize your answer.

8. what is the purpose of chromatography ? describe the basis of (adsorption) chromatography using the concept of IMFand the terms, stationary- and mobile- phase in your answer. you have to use the content found in the preceding link.