on a sheet of paper, answer the below questions, include the names of all group members.

topic(s): introduction to an atom

questions [15 points]

1. what is the composition of an atom ? [1 point]

2. what is the charge and mass (in amu) of each component in an atom ? [1 point]

3. describe the structure of an atom. [1 point]

4. what does the atomic number respresent ? what does the mass number represent ? [1 point]

5. what's the relationship between the number of protons and electrons in an atom ? [1 point]

6. based on the preceding information, fill-in the below table in regards to various (hypothetical ?) atoms. [10 points]

symbol # protons # neutrons # electrons mass number
  24 25    
      14 29

to ponder - for interested students - no points

7. "why" does the protons remain together in the nucleus despite the electrostatic replusive force between them ? video

8. "why" does electron's orbit not collapse into the nucleus despite the electrostatic atttractive force between them ? text