link to Chemistry gateway, which contain links to videos about various chemistry concepts - you'll have to find the relevant specific link(s) to do this assignment.

on a sheet of paper, (i) answer the below questions based on your textbook and the above video link, (ii) include textbook page number(s) and url of the website (or sequence of links starting from the above link), where you found the answer, and (iii) include the names of all group members and identify the recorder.

topic(s): atomic size

questions [10 points; 2 points / question]

1. based on the Bohr model of an atom, describe the shape of an atom and how to define / describe the size of an atom ?

2. analyze data (see tab labeled "radii") by making a graph of atomic size versus atomic number (i.e. number of protons). alternatively, see fig 11.36 in your textbook. describe any pattern in atomic size in a ____ (as a function of atomic number) in the periodic table.

a. row

b. column

3. rationalize the trends in atomic size in a row in the periodic table based on Coulomb's law. hint: recall, what the atomic number represents.

4. rationalize the trends in atomic size in a column in the periodic table based on your knowledge of the electron configuration of atoms.