link to Phet chemistry simulation [ignore link; there's no Phet simulation on this concept]

on a sheet of paper, answer the below questions, include the names of group members and identify the recorder.

topic(s): coulomb's law

questions [10 points]

1. in regards to a simulation of Coulomb's law, __

a. what is / are the independent variable(s) in this simulation ?

b. what is the dependent variable in this simulation ?

c. based on this simulation, describe (qualitatively) Coulomb's law using the preceding terms (clearly identify the specific variables) and is it acting like an increasing or decreasing function (or use the equivalent term / phrase) ?

2. internet search

a. what is "effective nuclear charge" ?

b. extrapolate / apply Coulomb's law to the context on a single atom, i.e. clearly define the terms in Coulomb's law in the context of an atom and the effective nuclear charge.