link to Chemistry gateway, which contain links to videos about various chemistry concepts - you'll have to find the relevant specific link(s) to do this assignment.

topic(s): quantum model: atomic orbital

questions [16 points; 2 points / question]

1. compare the Bohr model of an atom versus the quantum model of an atom; i.e. what's the difference bewteen an 'electron orbit' versus 'electron orbital' (or atomic orbital) ?

2. simulation to visualize atomic orbitals. you may use your mouse to rotate the image, i.e. to visualize the AO from a different perspective. if the simulations are unavailable, then you'll have to just read the textbook and listen / view the videos.

site 1 (alternative; requires either cdf player plug-in or Mathematica; alternative (java))

a. what is the orientation of various p AO with respect to the x-, y-, and z- axis ?

b. what is the orientation of d AO with respect to the x-, y-, and z- axis ?

site 2 (sofware on school server: student menu -> science application)

c. what is the relative difference in size between 1s, 2s, and 3s AO ? 2 p versus 3p AO ?

d. what does the density of dots represent ?

3. what are 'quantum numbers' and describe how they relate to a description of an atomic orbital ?

4. what is electron spin ? what is a consequence of electron spin in regards to the maximum number of electrons in of an orientation of an atomtic orbital's ?

5. based on the preceding information, determine the total maximum number of electrons in an atomic orbital.