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topic(s): electron configuration

questions [26 points; 2 points / question]

1. what is the electron configuration of an atom ? that is, what information is provided by the electron configuration ?

2. what is the Aufbau principle / Madelung rule ? how is it used to develop an atom's electron configuration ?

3. fill-in the below table

atom electron configuration

4. the following questions will guide you to discover the relationship between an atom's electron configuration and its location in the periodic table. (14 points; not only 2 points)

5. referring to an atom's electron configuration, what is the difference between the valence electrons versus core (or kernal or inner-shell) electrons in an atom ?

6. identify the valence- and core- electrons in __.

a. carbon

b. tin

7. what is the "importance" of valence electrons ?