NGSS - Common learning experience (CLE). the district is planning to develop 4 CLE - 2 on chemistry standards; 1 on space & earth science standards to be incorporated into the chemistry course & 1 on engineering standards.

The CLE is based on the 5E model of instruction.

To access below CLE links: log into your email account prior to access link; might still need to get permission to access content from the SFUSD HS science office; accessed Aug 2016 for chem CLE 1 & 2.

CLE 1. From atoms to stars unit. based on a trail run in my honors chem class during the spring 2016 semester (link to info). recommend an additional day in a regular chemistry course. the below sequence is my 'implementationn' of this CLE.

day 1 engage: CW: flame test activity
day 2 explore: CW: spectroscope activity (prism (mechanism: refraction); diffraction grating - see fig 3 or read about "cereal box" spectrometer (mechanism = diffraction)); examples of atomic emission spectra
day 3 explain; CW: Bohr model simulation; basis of hydrogen spectrum (see last fig); relative electron energy levels of H, He, & Li (see fig. 5.5.1)
day 4

elaborate; CW: simple spectroscopy simulation; quantized nature simulation; application of spectroscopy video (~ 28 ")

HW: IR spectra & questions

day 5

evaluate: atom / star spectra analysis: CW

HW (do 1st 3; do star & nebula)

CLE 2. Energy transfer / transformation (link for info)