group presentation

group one

greenhouse gas / global warming / albedo

Milankovitch cycle; potential cause(s) of glacial / interglacial periods; paleoclimate; little ice age

group two

role of ocean currents on climate; hurricanes; potential impact on humans

group three

ocean acidification; potential impact on humans

group four

sea level raise; thermal expansion versus melting glacier; potential impact on humans

group five

global warming; potential impact on humans via effect on agriculture / food supply

group six

cavaets: uncertainty in climate models [e.g. 1] ; correlation vs causation [e.g. 1]

global warming climate change skeptics / deniers [e.g. 1, 2]; counter agrument / refute

group seven

potential migition strategies


MS powerpoint / google slides / whiteboard.

in general, your slides should not have a lot of information, since it can overwhelm the audience

appropriate use of a simulation or animation to illustrate a concept can be a powerful presentation tool

include in-text citation & bibliography

presentation time = 8 minutes maximum

potential resources

Scientifiic American ebook

American Chemical Society link

The Teacher Friendly Guide to Climate Change link

your spring ngss chemistry textbook

semi-random list of possible resources

potential albedo animation (requires java plugin)