*ch. 9. climate change (~ 1 week).   prepare a group presentation addressing the below issues.  

a goal of this assignment is to develop your science / information literacy & skepticism, where your group will prepare a 5 - 15 minute presentation on one of the below topics.

 9.1    describe the basis of the below possible determinants of climate    

          a.   correlation of global temperature and

                i. atmospheric carbon dioxide

               ii.  earth's orbit   

               iii.  cavaet:  spurious correlation; i.e. correlation versus causation; optional: how to differeniate ? e.g. Hill  or   Koch  

                    b.  internet search for how the below factors are associated with climate change; clarify cause versus effect

i. volcano

ii. ocean currents

iii. atmospheric river    

9.2   what is "positive feedback" ?  examples of positive feedback in climate change  [internet seach]

9.3  what is "manufacture confusion / controversy" in the context of climate change ?  [internet search]

9.4  what are some cavaets / limitations / criticisms of climate change and corresponding counter argument. [internet search]

9.5  summarize / describe potential adverse (e.g. ngss chem textbook) and benefical impact of climate change. [internet search]

9.6   summarize cost / benefit analysis of CO2 emission mitigation. cost > benefit ? benefit > cost ?  [internet search


assignment rubric [23 points; 6 ec]

presentation rubric [12 points; 4 ec]

# points = 1 3 5
quantity of text / font size inappropriate appropriate  
citation(s) not done done  
clarity / organization poor satisfactory excellent
response to questions poor satisfactory excellent

audience rubric [8 points]

# points = # questions asked by a group member (so identify your group, when you ask question(s))

maximum of 2 questions / group

maximum of 8 points in this category

potential multiple choice (MC) test questions based on your group's assignment [3 points; 2 ec]

# points = # "good" questions; e.g. link to designing "good" MC questions

write up to 5 MC questions with answer key

5 choices per MC question

MC questions based on presentation and / or audience Q & A session

due on the next class after your group's presentation; submit as Word email file attachment or email me the google docs link; include group member's names.

teacher will evaluate using the above rubrics.

prior to your group's presentation, write group members names on printout of this webpage and give to teacher.


FYI; "gateway" e.g. link