HW: note-taking assignment


videos: Khan Academy & Sophia

ebooks: chemwiki @ UCDavis & CK12 chem & later edition of your textbook (use only if preceding sources provide no information; if the preceding sources provide no information, may use "google")

organize note-taking assignment among group members, where each person skims the content in their textbook (including subsequent CW problem to focus your note-taking), then takes notes using one of the preceding links, which is different from each other, and identify your source. submit 3 set of different source of notes.

work in groups of 3 (or 4 if there's a 1 or 2 student size group) students. turn-in all notes together as a group; staple work together. no extra credit for more than 3 set of notes.

6 points / assignment: 2 points per complete note set, 1 point per incomplete notes, 0 points for no notes. include score, topic, and put all group members' name on the first page of your assignment; may exclude non-productive group member's name(s). no name or no score = no points. note if a group member does not take notes, there shall be a proportional reduction in HW points for the entire group.

during the CW session, share your knowledge with each other based on your slightly different notes.


partially based on the flipped classroom model of teaching; e.g Harvard & Exeter & groupwork; e.g. UC Berkeley

Bloom's Taxonomy       Blooms for Flipped Classroom

source of images : left & right


goal / rationale: develop your skills as a life-long learner.