Name:  ________________________                        honors chem                                        date:  ___________
Ch. 3 & 4 atom, ionic & covalent compounds                         test      [65 points]

As stated in the course syllabus, may use your calculator and any notes written on a copy of the periodic table / equation sheet on the exam; no test correction, no make-up test.

  1.  Fill-in the below table  [15 points]


# protons

# neutrons

# electrons


Atomic mass

33P -3










+ 2








2. Fill-in the below table [10 points]

Chemical name

Chemical formula

Iron (III) oxide


Sodium carbonate






Trinitrogen hexachloride


3. A sample contain objects with a mass of:  4-, 6-, 8-, 10- grams.   What is the standard deviation of the mass of the objects in the sample ?  Show your work in an organized manner, include any relevant equation (or formula); simply stating “use calculator” is insufficient.  [from your past weekly quiz; 10 points]

4. Based on Rutherford’s experiment of bombarding a thin gold foil with alpha particles, the Bohr model of an atom, and your knowledge of the components of an atom, describe the relative size and mass of an atom with respect to its components.  [10 points]

5. What is an isotope ?  provide an example(s) using oxygen to illustrate your answer – while such an isotope(s) do not have to actually exist, it has to be reasonable.  [10 points]

6. Identify the atom(s) and number of such atom(s) in one molecule of ___.  [10 points]

a. Magnesium nitrate 

b. Calcium phosphate