Ch. 8 & 18 chemical reactions             test                               60 points                                  honors chemistry

1. Write the net ionic equation for  ___; if there’s no reaction, then write “no reaction”.  [6 points]

2. Identify the type(s) of reaction (i.e. double replacement, single replacement, acid-base, synthesis, precipitation, synthesis, combustion, decomposition).  [10 points]

3. Balance the below chemical equations using the lowest ratio of integers; if the coefficient = 1, then write “1”.  [11 points]

4. What is the oxidation number of ___.  [10 points]

5. Identify the atom or ion (in the compound) that is involved in a reduction or oxidation by drawing an arrow to connect these chemicals and write “oxidation” or “reduction” on the arrow.  Also, write the oxidation number near the atom or ion (in the compound) that is involved in the oxidation or reduction.  [8 points]

6. Fill-in the blank; is the chemical soluble or insoluble in water.  [5 points]

7.  Describe how to differentiate between aqueous solutions of  ___ based on the solubility rules and include the results and interpretation of these results.  [10 points]