Ch. 15 solution                       test                   45 points                                                          honors chemistry

Show your work in an organized manner, include (i) any relevant equation (or formula), (ii) conversion factor(s), (iii) put the proper units in your calculations and answer, and (iv) have the proper number of significant figures in your answer.

Academic Honesty:   The answers on this test are my own and I am using only the allowed set of notes as described in the syllabus.  I have not discussed the test questions with anyone before or during the test nor have I seen the test questions prior to the exam.  If you violate any of the preceding items or do not sign, your semester grade is a F.

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1.  Describe how to prepare 175 mL of 75 mM glucose, C6H12O6 using __  [10 points]

a.  Solid glucose

b.  225 mM glucose

2.  The addition of excess Ca(NO3)2 to a 75 mL aqueous solution of Na3PO4 forms 1.5 g of a precipitate; what is the [Na+] prior to the addition of Ca(NO3)2  ?  [10 points]

3.  How many grams of a precipitate would from by mixing 75 mL of 25 mM NaCl and 55 mL of 45 mM AgNO3 ?  [10 points]

4. 5.0 g of am unknown covalent compound dissolved in 125.0 g of benzene, C6H6, freezes at 4.1 ºC; what is the molar mass of the unknown compound ? [15 points; based on HW 13.52 ap]