ch. 6, 8 & 9  periodic trends & chemical name / formula            55 points                               honors chemistry

1. Identify the name of the atoms and the number of each atom in one molecule of __.  [20 points]

a. C2H3OH has  ______________________________________________________

b. Mg(NO3)2 has  ______________________________________________________

c. (NH4)3PO4 has _____________________________________________________

2.  Fill-in the table.  [10 points]

Chemical formula

Chemical name


Trisulfur hexabromide






Lithium bicarbonate



3. Which atom, sodium or potassium, has the larger atomic size ?  justify.  [5 points]

4. Which atom, phosphorus or chlorine, has a smaller first ionization energy ?  justify.  [10 points]

5. Using valence bond theory, describe the bonds in  __.  [4 points]

a. F2

b.  H2

6.  Describe the basis of a covalent bond in terms of electrostatics, i.e. the force between charges.  [6 points]