Boyle's Law Honors Chemistry

background [prelab assignment (15 points) due at the beginning of the lab; put a copy in your lab NB]

describe / rationalize the use of graphical analysis to determine the # moles of gas in the system & volume of the tubing. [hint: use the ideal gas equation (which incorporates Boyle's law) and the relationship between the volume of the system, volume of the tubing, and the volume of the syringe]


sketch a data table for your experimental measurements (i.e. review the purpose & content of your lab report)

describe the syntax / protocol in using MS Excel to generate a graph and to transform pressure to reciprocal pressure. as appropriate, include sketches / screen shots to clarify your response and use in-text citation.


determine the volume of the tubing

determine the number of moles of gas in the system

fulfill various aspects of the NGSS science & engineering standards.


syringe; tubing; pressure transducer; data collection system; thermometer

methods / data analysis

student design


Content of lab report ( 30 points)

introduction  [5 points]

methods  [5 points]

results  [10 points]

discussion  [10 points]


lab activity source (examples):  site 1  &  site 2  [access 1 / 2014]

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