Empirical formula Lab

background [prelab assignment (15 points); due at the beginning of the lab]

in this lab, you will be given a sample of barium chloride hydrate [BaCl2* 2 H2O].  briefly, describe the experimental procedure to determine the # grams of Ba, Cl, and H2O in the compound. (i.e. review the purpose & content of your lab report)

sketch a data table for your experimental measurements.

MSDS on silver nitrate


determine the empirical formula (including the # water molecules associated with metal chloride) based upon experimental data


~ 1.5 g of barium chloride hydrate

balance; test tube; flask

hot plate

water;  30 mL 0.5 M silver nitrate

filter paper / funnel

methods / data analysis

student design


Content of lab report [30 points]

introduction  [10 points]

methods  [5 points]

results  [10 points]

discussion  [5 points]


lab activity source (examples):  site 1  [access 4 / 2009]

heat suspension rationale