Virtual lab: average atomic mass simulation [35 points; variable points / question in purple]


This virtual laboratory activity is based on the handout to the corresponding in-person lab activity, which is a simulation of average atomic mass using different beans to simulate different isotopes.



the video (~ 4" duration) uses different types of candy to simulate difference isotopes, while you will simulate different types of beans to simulate different isotopes.


1. this lab is a simulation, where different type of beans represents different isotopes.  What is a simulation ? [5 points]


2. investigate the impact / role / influence of the simulated relative isotope abundance has on the simulated average atomic mass using the following virtual lab / simulation

then report your observations and conclusions. include screen shots of your observations from each virtual lab / simulation to support your argument. [10 points]


3. An Excel simulation will provide the simulated data to be used in this virtual lab activity. compare the calculation of the average bean mass using different methods:

do an example calculation for a single simulated trail to find the average mass of a single bean in a sample using the preceding two equations. Eqn 1 (video; ~ 6" duration) is what you probably learned in elementary school, while you would probably learn about eqn 2 (goto p. 9 about "expected value") if you enroll in AP statistics. [10 points]

4. repeat the simulation 8 times, collect / record in your data table, and calculate the average bean mass using the preceding methods for each trial, but need not show calculations. use the appropriate statistical test to compare the two equations to find average. include a labeled screen shot of the output of your statistical analysis. [5 points]


5. show mathematically (do not refer to experimental results) that both of the above formulas are the same. [5 points]