Mental Math

2017 online conference : Mathematics in Undergraduate Chemistry Instruction

The value of estimation (article content high-lighted)

Cognitive science (edu-babble ?): Working memory, long-term memory, & automaticity (source; article content high-lighted)

Role of Math skills in Chemistry success; abs; article content high-lighted


additional resources

youtube video / MC calculator free examples - demonstrating mental math

mental math practice:

Math Trainer (do: add, subtract, & multiply)

Krypto: online or Excel

potential assignment - not chem problems

practice set 1 (source: p. 13 for some problems)

potential assignments - involve chem problems

practice 2

practice 3 - multiple choice format

potential online resource

practice set 4 (follow link on p. 2)

practice set 5

problem solving strategy

pathways; abs; article content high-lighted

online (select: link "Demo Mode"; context of link)