spring 2022 chemistry tutoring form
student's name:  ___________________________ period:  _______


source available location


before school, after school, or lunch

room 406

current / past ap chem student with course grade = A or B flexible flexible
UC Berkeley chemistry students  after school    Futurama online via Zoom

chem tutor signs this form to confirm tutoring session & print tutor's name next to signature; no more than 2 sessions per day.  below signatures expire at the end of the semester; maximum of 9 signatures maybe used; will collect this form near the end of each grading period.  Peer tutoring provides mutual benefits  (password = 94109G).  notify me beforehand if wish to meet after school. no eating during lunch due to covid safety protocol.

                                                    date                                          tutor's signature (& print tutor's name)


session 1:                 _____________________              _________________________


session 2:                 _____________________              _________________________


session 3:                 _____________________              _________________________


session 4:                 _____________________              _________________________


session 5:                 _____________________              _________________________


session 6:                 _____________________              _________________________


session 7:                 _____________________              _________________________


session 8:                 _____________________              _________________________


session 9:                 _____________________               _________________________


fill-in below items; use online gradebook description to identify item (include item #); otherwise, item will not be dropped.

request to drop the below items; requires 3 review sessions per drop request, except requires 6 review sessions to drop a test.