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I have read the syllabus. I understand the contents of the syllabus and the expectations for this class and I agree to comply with them.

I understand that Chemistry (or physics) is a demanding course that requires good study habits and a strong background in mathematics. I have met the prerequisites (shown in the course syllabus) for the course. I realize that if I do not meet the prerequisites for the course, it may be difficult to succeed in the class.

The class webpage ( has links regarding:

homework and classwork assignments & class announcements, e.g. dates for exams, lab report due dates

previous exams (to prepare for upcoming exam)

lab handouts

online gradebook (anticipate weekly updates after the 2nd week into the semester, while the Synergy gradebook would be updated at the end and middle of each grading period.

It is the student's responsibility to monitor these sites. Keep all of your work - to be able to correct any errors in the grade book and to prepare for the semester Final exam.

Due to the culumative nature of chemistry, strongly recommend getting chem tutoring as soon as any problem arises.


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