Netlogo is an agent-based programming language to develop simulations. As Net logo requires java and the chrome browser does not support java, you can't use the chrome browser to run Netlogo.

epidemic simulation 1


prey - predator - food simulation 1

prey model


These simulations are based on assignments in an online course (~ Nov 2015); course content on youtube. I did not complete the course and only the links to science related content is provided above.

Goto the original course assignment depository site for comments about the simulations, i.e. there are example output of the epidemic simulation and links to Excel analysis at the website for the prey-predator simulation. Additional comments are in the netlogo file itself - under the 'info' tab.


1sorry; due to technical reasons, the link goes to a zip file, so you'll have save the file, then extract the file, then open it. prior to opening the file, you'll have to install Netlogo onto your computer, since opening the extracted file using Netlogo Web did not work. [Aug 2016]